In the Beginning

During the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm, a group of logisticians and special operations soldiers formed friendships, shared ideas within their various specialties, created trust, and helped each other excel during the campaign. After the war, these same professionals entered the private work force and began building their businesses while retaining the close relationships with their former military comrades, further solidifying strong business ties with each other.

Soon it was decided a more organized structure was needed to establish efficiency and maximize the effective cumulative advantage these professionals could realize as a group.

The creation of Civil Logistics LLC offers a seamless platform for our experts to continue their contributions working with government and commercial business and contributing toward the greater good.

Today, the organizational grouping of Civil Logistics represents a distributed workforce of professionals with capabilities involving;

  • Infrastructure Technical and Professional Services Support
  • Engineering Resources
  • Water Resource Management
  • Environmental Assessment and Services Management
  • Insurance Adjustment and Damage Assessment Services
  • Mass Care Resources Management and Technologies
  • Disaster Response and Management Operations

Tracing its Roots

Tracing its roots back to 1994, Civil Logistics, a veteran owned business, is an effective specialty personnel and logistics supplier focusing on rapid response for assessment, recovery, and sustainability operations. Civil Logistics’ exceptional dedication, singularly qualified experts and demonstrated results in this highly specialized area of logistical and technical support is the hallmark of the company.

Construction analysts, damage assessment and insurance specialists, engineering capabilities to infrastructure technical support, disaster response recovery, and environmental operations, our company is your best choice.
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