• A workforce mainly comprised of military veterans specifically trained in water treatment, logistics, environmental, engineering and government operations, as well as, FEMA professionals with years of  hands on experience deployed to major disasters.  These veterans have the razor sharp decision making skills, honed under the precision and stress of combat.  They have demonstrated competencies for clear thinking, quick assessments, and determination that come from working in high risk, high stakes situations.  Their fine sense of teamwork, mission-first, no fail, no-quit attitude are valuable qualifications for any organization.
    Our FEMA ranks consist of currently trained and active FEMA professionals with specific knowledge and expertise in areas of federal hazard mitigation, individual assistance (IA) and public assistance (PA) programs associated with declared disaster events.  These FEMA veterans have a clear understanding of cost estimating and damage assessment, application of policy provisions, codified forms and regulations, as well as processes and procedures utilized by various government agencies.  Between the two groups, we have the capability to hit the ground running, take on leadership roles and ensure taskings are completed in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Logistical and technical/professional support in engineering, construction services and environmental management. Our contractors have specific experience in engineering and high value technical specialties normally found in the military, and now represent a tremendous resource to our company and great benefit to our clients.  Our involvement in environmental management ranges from providing technical expertise in areas of waste water engineering, wetlands preservation, and coastal engineering to design and construction management of infrastructure systems.  Our involvement in disaster response has allowed us to further develop direct enhancements of that specific capability and incorporate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into lifesaving operations and first responder actions.
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