Our adjusting services are comprised of seasoned property loss adjusters, experienced in handling large residential and commercial losses resulting from catastrophic events.  These staffed adjusters have worked large scale disaster assignments since Hurricane Floyd in 1999, up to deployments along the east coast handling property damages from Hurricane Matthew.  Each of our adjusters is state licensed and many hold multiple licenses in order to rapidly respond to events in different areas of the country.  They are fully capable to manage workloads, coordinate with homeowners, inspect losses, effectively communicate those losses and the claims process, create itemized repair estimates, perform quality assurance and quality control of work product, and submit estimates in a timely manner in order to comply with strict state timelines.  Each adjuster is well aware of damage assessments and based on years of experience and familiarity with construction trades, they can ascertain and create damage estimates, and advise companies so proper amounts of reserves are set aside for any particular loss and needed payments.

Each disaster is different and some losses are more complicated than others and require expertise from our adjusters not only in the technical aspects of handling claims but also in the soft skills needed when working with homeowners, many of whom are going through a traumatizing experience after a large loss. Our adjusters know how to address concerns and better explain coverages thus alleviating anxiety over the entire claims loss process. Each of our contracted adjusters manage their time effectively in order to efficiently adjust, move the loss toward successful resolution and close claims in order to properly indemnify homeowners.dscf6429

Additionally, each of our adjusters utilize industry specific estimating software which enables them to automatically receive them from our office, set up the loss inspection, properly determine repair costs and upload estimates to our central processing department for submission to insurance companies for payment recommendation.  Prior to any client receiving a completed file package, we perform extensive quality control measure to ensure the work is correct so as to preclude any delays in getting payment to the homeowner.

Every licensing period our adjusters must participate in continuing education courses, to include ethics and best practices.  In addition to continuing education, many insurance adjusters complete specialized certification in handling flood, earthquake, hurricane, hail, and tornado losses.

Furthermore, our company conducts periodic background checks and department of insurance licensing compliance checks to ensure we are conducting business in accordance with industry best practices. Civil Logistics carries the full contingent of required insurance in order to support our current service agreements.

Benefits of utilizing Civil Logistics adjusters:

  • Professionally state licensed
  • Depth in insurance policy content knowledge
  • Depth of knowledge in the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Understanding of public and individual assistance aspects
  • Technically skilled in reconciliation of duplication of benefits issues
  • Technically skilled in damage inspection and cost estimating
  • Technically skilled in construction methods and materials
  • Technically skilled in commercial loss adjusting




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