Just grabbing people, whether they have previous experience or not isn’t enough for our company.  We need to ensure that the vetting process is inclusive from start to ongoing, as there is no finish to training.  At the end of the day, we need to be able to provide the absolute best possible resource to our client. Our people are trained, ethical, capable and effective.

Our vetting process starts by selecting the correct person for this type of work.  We’ve been successful in this because of not only the many years of handling and administering exactly this type of work, but also having experience in prior work to include the military operations, construction trades, environmental, energy, and insurance.

Our personnel are the link between other interagency organizations, intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, indigenous populations and institutions, and the private sector. Enhancing the relationships with civil authorities while focusing in areas of infrastructure support, damage adjustment, recovery and emergency management operations, we have the experience to facilitate these intersecting strategic pathways.

In order to achieve compliance on important issues such as timely submission of needed documentation, we strive to communicate effectively with our contractors.  This keeps them informed, understanding of our company vision and goals, complying in timely fashion, and allowing us as a company to make decisions rapidly as situational awareness dictates.  This equates to getting the right people to the right areas in the most expeditious manner and being able to adjust accordingly.

Prior to assignment, our people are trained in areas of importance so that in addition to their already established real world skills, they have adequate training in operations, cost estimating, hazard mitigation, familiarity with project worksheets and maneuvering around electronic systems like NEMIS, GIS type programs, and automated estimating programs.  Once assigned to an area, we go a step further and assign a mentor type program so that we have a technical specialist available to answer questions, issues or situations our folks may need resolution.

We maintain an ongoing relationship with our contractors, continually monitoring their progress, deploy team leads to large scale deployments, stay involved in the process, and offer refresher type and reinforcement training as needed.

We consider strong partnerships a cornerstone of our business model. Knowing that successful companies are looking for effective partners to complement their own business model, teaming with Civil Logistics appeals directly to those possibilities.
If you feel that our services can complement or create value to your company, please contact us. As a service disabled veteran owned small business, we know how valuable strategic alliances, teaming agreements, and joint ventures can be in business.

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