Civil Logistics has many capabilities,  with core competencies dealing with catastrophe management, resources management support, and government operations, compelling us to create groups of highly skilled professionals to deal with each of these important segments.

Every year our country sees disaster ranging from wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes. Regardless of the amount of community preparedness, these types of events still occur and when they do, the need for experienced and capable experts are essential to a community’s resiliency and mitigation and recovery efforts.

Clean, fresh water is our most important natural resource. It is essential to sustaining people, agriculture, industry, and ecosystems.  It is also a resource in crisis worldwide.  Existing freshwater supplies are highly stressed in many parts of the world, including the United States, owing to mismatches between supply and demand.

Government operations specialists are often at the forefront of a mission’s interaction with local government officials, civil society, and other civilian partners in the international community.  They work at the local level and help coordinate or facilitate implementation of humanitarian mandates by intersecting with a variety of stake holders.  Civil Logistics is proud to have this fine group of former military veterans who served in special operations fields.

Civil Logistics, provides logistical and infrastructure support in public works, government and external agencies.


  • Water Purification
  • Water Treatment and Facilities Management
  • Public Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Design and Build Supervision

Water pollution, dated infrastructure, and increased urban and rural development further threaten our capacity to supply adequate clean water and support the ecosystems upon which society depends.  In some areas, these conditions are causing significant social conflict and competition between water users. Addressing these fundamental hydrologic changes and their interactions is a formidable and urgent challenge, but there is much we can do to respond.  Actions taken now can enable society and ecosystems to adapt to the changes that have already occurred or been initiated, thereby reducing future impacts and conflicts. Our roster of water resource professionals are often deployed to areas in need of their technical capability to address riverine, facility operations, upgrade or new design of civil, environmental, and hydraulic, as well as, treatment or wastewater plants.

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