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The term logistics is firmly implanted into our vernacular, utilized by business to describe how great they are at it, advertised in our homes in order to create trust when shipping goods, and describes entire processes of item creation to final delivery.   Although it’s a total process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures of either storing or getting goods from one place to another, logistics also includes services.  In other words, even though the item in itself is a part of the process, the actual hands on activity of moving and transporting is a service process where in most all cases, human impact takes place.

Highly effective programs which better facilitate efficient and effective movement through various means of transportation such as mail, rail, trucking, shipping and air all benefit from not only technical innovations which create more streamline means of that transportation but also require highly skilled workers and practices to keep things running smoothly.  Lockheed Martin’s recent approval request to the FAA involving its newly designed variant of the venerable Hercules aircraft, which entered service in the 1950’s and to date has over 40 variants serving in numerous countries.  The current variant by Lockheed, named the LM-100J Super Hercules, is the latest upgrade to one of the most important and storied planes and once cleared, will be the newest multi-purpose air freighter capable of rapid and efficient transportation of air cargo.  Systems such as the LM-100J, along with supply chain processes are the very thing needed to handle a wide range of logistical support from military, civilian and humanitarian operations.  As a civil multi-purpose air freighter, Lockheed Martin believes the LM-100J be an efficient and ideal airlift solution when delivering bulk and oversize cargo particularly to austere locations worldwide.  Jack Crisler, Vice President of Business Development for Air Mobility, Special Operations and Maritime Programs, added: ‘With the LM-100J, we are leveraging the proven technology and capabilities of the C-130J Super Hercules to offer a modern, flexible commercial aircraft that is ready to deliver freight and support critical civilian missions — anywhere, anytime.’

Civil Logistics welcomes new and innovative improvements such as Lockheed’s newly designed plane as it will afford a better delivery platform and rapid response capability in areas of humanitarian assistance and general deployment of specialists to disaster prone areas.  As areas become more susceptible to disaster events, either man made or natural, the need to get equipment, supplies and personnel on site in the quickest time possible is crucial.  Equipment like the newly designed LM-100J by Lockheed will help in that effort.

Civil Logistics provides critical infrastructure support with operational, humanitarian, emergency and government services throughout the United States and the world, for government and non-government agencies.

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