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Given the number and devastating outcomes of recent disasters, it is clearly necessary to consider new models for practicing and implementing emergency management. Communities have proven to be the lynch pin for disaster response and recovery on the ground. However, real partnership between emergency planners and community stakeholders in our more urban environments has not been made a focus; the results are ineffective response and inadequate recovery. Community based organizations and informal structures working without adequate support or tools create make-shift models of response and recovery that leave residents ever vulnerable to future disasters.

The involvement of community leaders, organizations, private business and citizenry is crucial if true resilience is to happen in the most expeditious and effective method.  Attending a multitude of conferences through the years, the discussion inevitably turns to the importance of government and the community cooperating together.  The emphasis should be on the community and what the community needs.  When it comes to recovery, the community needs to have a handle on how best to get back on track.

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